Zoom with trackpad + unaccounted click on url bar + display file type of downloaded files

  • Zoom with track pad ==> two fingers zoom with the Mac trackpad is a useful feature when surfing the web It doesn’t work in Brave.
  • Unaccounted click on url bar ==> Seems my first click on the url bar is ignored sometimes. I have to click twice to actually select the url
  • Display file type of downloaded files ==> Downloaded files are displayed to the bottom of the browser but I can’t see the extension if the file’s name is too long. This could lead me to erroneously open a .exe file thinking it s something else.
  • Google analytics doesn’t work in Brave


Hi @priver,

Can you share your Brave version that you’re using?

For Google Analytics, what kind of not working?
Brave is blocking third party trackers that inserted to sites, like Google Analytics.



Sorry forgot to mention I use Brave 0.24 with OSX.

Actually i just tried Google Analytics (https://analytics.google.com)) and it does display now (but it did not work the pasr few weeks when I tried to load the page. Dunno why)


We have an open issue for this on Github right now:

However, I’d highly recommend moving over to the Brave Beta build instead of using v0.24.0. This issue is not present on the Beta (or Developer) build and nether are many other known issues currently open for the Muon (v0.24.0) build.


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