Zoom in with cmd + plus on German keyboard


On my German keyboard, cmd+plus doesn’t work to zoom in.

cmd+minus works to zoom out. cmd+0 works to revert to 100% size. Only cmd+plus does not work.


Hi, I posted the issue here:

Thanks for your report.


Has anything been done regarding this? cmnd+plus still doesn’t work on my Swedish keyboard. Is there any other way to zoom in?


CC @Jacalz on reproducing the issue.


Sorry for taking a long time but I can not reproduce on windows, will take a look at mac :wink:

Going back and forward with magic mouse not working

Oh yeah, confirmed :wink: Cmd + plus does not work on Mac but cmd + minus works as expected using my Swedish keyboard :wink:


I checked the shortcuts for zooming, which are “cmd”+"=" to zoom in, and “cmd”+“0” to show actual size. On Swedish and German keyboards, “0” and “=” are on the same button, causing the issue. Holding shift while pressing “0” creates “=”, sou can zoom in by holding shift while pressing “cmd”+“0”.

All these keyboard shortcuts should be overviewed and adapted to international keyboards. The same issue seems to make it impossible to use the magic mouse to go backwards and forwards, as the keyboard shortcut for it doesn’t work.