Zombie site configuration lines that can't be removed

Description of the issue:

When we use the menu located in the Brave logo icon for direct site configuration (for example for the cookies settings), it often leads to creating zombie lines of configuration in Brave’s “websites configuration” section, that won’t disappear whatever we do. It’s frustrating.

Note that this bug is due to Chrome, as it happens in Chrome too, but is extremely rare on Chrome whereas in Brave the simple manipulation of the cookies settings will lead to this result every time. Only uninstalling Brave and installing again will purge that problem, which is not a solution.

How can this issue be reproduced?

For example:

  1. block all cookies on all websites in Brave’s settings
  2. surf a random website that breaks without cookies,
  3. then click on the Brave logo icon to get the menu for the website quick configuration,
  4. change the cookies settings for this website (allow them) and then quite the website
  5. now try to remove the line corresponding to that website in Brave’s settings. You won’t be able to

Expected result:

The line should disappear when deleted

Brave Version:

All of the versions are affected, as this bug as been around since the beginning of time and is coming from Chrome not from Brave


Nice closing the topic without dealing with it and leaving the bug out in the open! “me-uninstalling-brave-and-not-considering-coming-back-in-years” Cheers!

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