Zero BAT reward on my Computer, but I got around 30BAT on my phone

I don’t understand why I got zero BAT on my computer but I got around 30 BAT on my phone. I used the browser in both device the same way. Is there something I have clicked wrongly on my computer which lead to this situation. I have even verified the Uphold wallet on my computer. Could you please help me. Thank you. @Asad

Computer and phone BAT rewards are not synced. Can’t link phone to Uphold.

i meet the same problem, you have to find the solution,
thank you

I understand that. I mean I got no BAT reward on my computer. I am suppose to got some BAT on the computer as I am using it as my normal browser. I don’t understand how to earn BAT reward. Could someone please explain it to me. Thank you.

Are you viewing brave Ads? You have to actually SEE them in order to earn. See the faq here:

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