Zepay transaction pending

In India we have not received the brave reward and from 5 days there is pending in zepay when it will complete full process we are waiting for this from five days we should complete the transaction process successful or give notice that will not received the brave reward. If we not give rewards then we all boycott the brave in India.So take action immediately otherwise we have to face problems in India.If I made one video in YouTube then we think what impact happens because I have 20 lakh subscriber in YouTube.


And some months you have to wait longer. You’re not promised to receive it on the 7th. They just say that payments begin processing by then. It can take up to 2-3 weeks.

There was a big banner up until they switched it out today. But you can still go to Ads Payout Status Update to see updates. But you already know this because you mentioned how it’s still pending. This means you already have noticed and know what’s going on.

And if that isn’t good enough for you, then you also should have looked and seen PSA: March 2024 ZebPay Payout delay/issues where I gave an announcement earlier and it’s pinned to the top of Rewards section.

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Today is 15th March but till now BAT tokens have not reached our Zebpay wallet and till 14th March their price was ₹32, today their price is ₹28 but it will take 2-3 weeks to get the payment. Then its price will be only ₹ 19, this is unfair to us, we wait so long for its price to increase and then we sell it and now its price has increased and you are asking us to wait, today is 7 days. but we haven’t received our prize


Well, does it happen everymonth? No.
Also given that zebpay was added only a few months ago, i think we shouldn’t make such a big fuzz out of this, give it some time and i’m sure it will get better.

About valuation of BAT, maybe you can hold them till the price returns to your desired value and then you can sell 'em.


What happened not received the brave reward from brave browser?
We are making Indiaan foolish in you country all them have received and we making fool to Indians .
Make fast update or we will boycott the brave browser from India on X PLATFORM if you not want do this do you no that social media power your Indian.
Make destroyed every thing in moments
So don’t underestimate the power of Indian.

Shud uppp fool. I am also Indian man power chalange not me. I dont need X Y Z social media im one man army.

PS: Problem is on zebpay’s side & ‘zebpay is an indian company’, so go bycott zebpay. Fool.

Ok I will take action on this company I fir on this company.

aman tu thoda sa chutiya hai kya? 20 lakh Subscriber aur tere jaise bande kai. laude saale tujhe baat krne ka tarika nhi pata aur yaha pai bakchodi kr raha hai. tera jaisa chutiya boycott karega tere jaisa aur FIR bhi karega, laudu saale.

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Zebpay has started rolling out Feb payments.

@Saoiray @ahmadking @SmartyAadi


are bhai bhai aaram se :joy: :joy:

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The hell! How you got that many tokens?
That is more than my 4 months, collective & not to mention almost 5 times of my last one.

Either they had been flagged and got it removed, which would have 2 months payments. Otherwise would assume they try to min/max everything and possibly using multiple devices/profiles. Each device can get up to:

  • 12 Brave News ads per hour (maximum of 60 per day)
  • 1 NTP ad every 15 minutes (up to a maximum of 20 per day)
  • 10 ad notifications per hour (up to 100 per day).

Some people will set timers or do things to try to get the maximum earnings per month. That said, those who go too crazy with it tend to get their accounts flagged. So there is a delicate balance. Other difficulty is eventually you’ll hit view limits for ad campaigns.

Imagine mine would be at 10 BAT or so right now on just the one device if I were to use Brave News more on my Desktop, but instead I use it on my iPhone (where I don’t get money from Rewards, which sucks).


But actively use a phone and computer each day, you’d have no issues getting 10-20 BAT each month, give or take.

Have you looked at what ads you’re seeing? I take it you likely aren’t using NTP ads and//or Brave News? Do you see many notification ads?

Meri bhi zebpay pement mil gayi

Ok bro

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Zebpay transaction successful
Thanks Brave rewards :blush:

I’ve been using brave for almost 3 years now, i know about ads settings & also what they pay. Avg pay has always been considerably lower since there aren’t that many ad campaign here in India.

As you already know token/ad has gone down in recent times. So, getting upto 10Bats would also be hard enough, imagine 25 then. He’s surely trying to mine.

Look at his payment too, under 10.


I haven’t received the credit yet …nd in status it’s still showing that the rewards r pending

I got 17 BAT from 2 devices last month, its not that hard bro.

Doesn’t mean it’s normal either, i was taking about it with the perspective of a normal user.

Until last month February I was able to farm so many BATs but due to some reason this March month is been horrendous. Tbh it’s easy to farm 10+ BATs each months. Even I’m struggling to generate BATS this month due to some unforeseen reasons.

That was exactly my point, mining.

Btw how do you do it? I might as well try doing it for a month.