Zee5 is not working on brave

When I opened zee5 it is not working properly . After I opened it the screen gets black

tested on my android device, and it was just the empty screen just like yours.
tested in my pc and it works fine… maybe it’s the site problem on android devices…

Seems fine here. Maybe its checking the location? Test with a vpn from a different location

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hello @fanboynz I have one question
if we use VPN for other kinds of work except getting brave reward is there any problem when the payout of BAT ??

@fanboynz I can also confirm, I have the same black-screen on zee5.com in Android v1.35.100 also present in Beta and Nightly on Android. The page loads for a second then disappears. Turning off shield doesn’t work.
Location: India

Zee5 is a subscription based video-on-demand company in India so I expect it work in India atleast. :grin:

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it is working fine on Pc/Laptop I don’t know about Mobile
Location : India

It’s still not working and showing the same black screen. I tried using VPN but it’s still not working. But it’s working on other browsers.

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Does Brave Beta work? @Asutosh1

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Not it’s also not working with brave beta. I tried it

@fanboynz It is still not working in Android (across builds)-

Okay could reproduce. There is useragent checks on the site, specifically checking mobile UA.

Example, Firefox Desktop (with mobile UA): The same blank page

Then in Brave (using mobile UA):

Brave with Desktop UA:

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