Zebpay disconnect automatically

zebpay automatically disconnect after 1 or 2 days

I will ask if you’re on Brave release version, Beta or Nightly?
In the brave stable release I don’t see this happening.
Happens only in brave Nightly version.

Reasons unknown.
@chriscat if you could please clarify and assist, thanks!

it happens with all version

no it happens on latest release version also

even ads not showing on beta

i am seeing ads in beta , try brave news

notification ads show only 2 per day

ignore them all , only brave news shows considerable ads .

Weird. On mine happens only in Nightly. Release works fine.

Could you clarify if your device is android or windows or some other OS?

it happens in stable version also, it’s automatically gets logged out every day, I am using latest stable version of Brave

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