Zalando registration


I don’t understand, Zalando account creation doesn’t work on Brave. I tried on Safari and it works. Look at the message it gives me on the screen. It’s in French but it says “An error has occurred. Shall we start again later?”. I tried several things, disabled the third party cookie blocker, then the fingerprint. Always the same. I even tried disabling the Shield completely. Always the same. Do you have the same?

Thank you :slight_smile:



I just tested this on, Had no issues logging in (or logging out). Is it still occuring? Can you try in private window mode?

It seems that the problem is just happening on MacOS. I was able to create an error-free Zalando account on Brave from Windows, on Mac on the other hand, it is still not possible. :slight_smile:

Okay, checked on my Macbook pro. Checked my login on and Both worked find (was using a password manager).

Can clear cookies and re-test?

Yes to connect, it works. I was talking about registration (create a new account) :slight_smile:

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