YouTubes ads running wild

Using last version of Brave beta, but during this week youtube ads are not being blocked.
Brave SHields are set on strictest, and YouTube is not whitelisted.
I even installed and AdBlock chrome extension.
Barve installed on Debian 11.

To be clear, you get the same results if you disable the AdBlock extension?

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yes… when AdBlock is disabled, ads run in youtube.

Google is too strict on ads! They just also kill youtube adblockers such as Vanced. Just let brave devs make a patch on it!

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I know… Imagine listening some good music, and of a sudden reggaeton starts to curse my ears… I know it’s a matter of time.

This occasionally comes up in Brave, uBO communities. Clearing the cookies and cache in brave://settings/clearBrowserData (restart Brave, then relogin into youtube) should resolve this. Ensure shields ads/tracking is up btw.

Checking immediately. I’ll write down a report tomorrow.
Edit: It works. Thank you.

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