YouTubers don't get paid from us watching their content if there's no ads

I am a new user still thinking wether to make the full switch. YouTubers make there amazing content for us to watch but if we are no longer viewing ads due to brave then they don’t get paid for the thing we are benefiting from. In my opinion it is like downloading a movie illegally. I am a new user of brave and do notice it is faster than chrome but still think this is unfair to the YouTubers.

You can select this. :wink:

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Not true. YouTubers do get paid from me watching their content without ads.
In fact, they get paid more - I don’t recall the specifics, but I’ve seen that creators are reporting payouts per view that were something like 10x bigger per view. And see:

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That’s why Brave provide an alternative for it’s users to support creators and publishers via Brave Rewards.

Brave is not the only browser with ad blocker. :wink: That and the fact users can also install ad blocker extension in their current browser/s.

I’ll look into it, thanks.

I think that only happens when there videos are watched with YouTube premium.

Yup. In other words:

Often, YouTubers DO get paid from us watching their content even when Brave is blocking ads.

  1. They get paid more highly if we have YouTube Premium. (I have YouTube Premium; it’s worth a look: cheap, surprisingly many good features, which I won’t list as they change over time, and student and family versions too. It’s the only streaming media subscription I have!)
  2. They also get paid for product placement and
  3. in-stream ads, which a lot of YouTubers are switching to.

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