Youtube - Youtube Videos not working on Websites other than Youtube (Brave v.0.22.669)



When browsing the internet and on websites which have embedded youtube videos, I am unable to click the button to play the video and autoplay doesn’t work.

Below is the link to a screenshot with an example.

Here is the link to the website:

When I hover my mouse over the play button, it doesn’t glow red like in other browsers, and when I click, it doesn’t do anything.

This is not the only website in which this happens, as it has happened in every website which has used the youtube player embedded into a page.

I tried searching these forums for a similar problem, but I was unable to find a similar issue. If there is another thread with it, please link it, otherwise, please help me find a solution. Thanks!


Thanks for reporting.

I tried to reproduce on Windows 7 x64 v 0.22.669, but everything works as expected. I was able to play the movie.

What OS and Shield settings(Lion icon placed top right) do you use?


I use the following settings:

Also, I am on a Windows 10 Laptop.


I have done some digging and I could reproduce the behavior with Strict Site isolation turned on in about:preferences#security.

@Chriswar122. Try turning off Strict Site isolation in about:preferences#security.

The issue is reported here:



Thanks for the Help! Embedded videos are now working.

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