Youtube won't "tilt" to a horizontal full screen

Youtube has been mucking about lately and changed things around. I’m not sure why, but in brave one of the results has been that you cannot turn your phone horizontal and get proper full screen. I can hit full screen, but there is no change when I turn my phone horizontal. There is a stretch button, but it just stretches the top and bottom of the video.

  1. Using Brave Browser, access youtube.
  2. Open any video (I tried multiple from multiple channels before starting this process).
  3. Hit the full screen button on the bottom right.
  4. tilt phone. Video SHOULD tilt as well, and go full screen on the phone.

I want to be able to watch full screen horizontal videos on youtube using the Brave browser.

Brave: 1.43 (

IOs 15.6.1

Thank you for reaching out.
I’m not able to reproduce this on my iPad — wondering if its specific to iPhone devices. Going to ask some team members to check and see if they can reproduce.

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EIC issue (Error in Chair). Somehow I had turned on Portrait Lock on my phone. I hadn’t realized that was an option!

Thanks for being willing to help.

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