Youtube videos won't play


So this is still a problem several days later. I wrote about it in that thread on 03-26-20

YT won’t play any videos. I get this error - although the error code changes every time.

On other profiles they will play, when I log into that YT channel of mine in another profile it plays, but not on this one Brave profile.

If I take down the shield it plays,

I’ve tried every day several times a day & it won’t play. I’ve tried different videos. I think I got one to play 2 days ago (I just realized that) & then today it wouldn’t finish even after refreshing.

I can NOT redo this profile. I want that avatar image I selected (you deleted the default avatars & some I liked), plus I want the name YouTube which I can’t duplicate & you guys still haven’t rolled out the edit feature on profiles.

I literally have to watch the video on another profile, but comment on the one profile I need to comment from.

YT was working fine as of the 25th. I’ve never had this problem ever in the last 4-5 years.

Please fix this problem & I think I did submit the issue where you showed me to that it’s working with no shields.


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Hi @OurFreeSociety,

When you get this error ^, does refreshing the page solve the issue and the video plays?

To clarify ^ - you’re using multiple Brave profiles correct? i.e. you have the circular icon in the top right?
If so, how many profiles are you using?

What do you mean by the name Youtube? Do you mean the name of your Brave Profile is Youtube? If so, you can change a profile’s name. If you open a profile > go to settings > click on Profile name and icon, there you can edit the name/profile icon.

Thank you again for your detailed review and patience. I do understand your frustration – however, it seems that this is likely not a Brave specific issue. Further digging lead me to several other threads and complaints from Chrome/chromium users who are experiencing the same thing:

Many users are reporting that certain extensions seem to cause the issue – I’m sure you’ve been asked already but does disabling any/all of your extensions resolve the issue? Additionally, it seems that people have been able to refresh the page and successfully play the video – is that the case for you as well?

No, refreshing doesn’t help unless it’s on another profile. I’ve been getting the error occasionally (twice so far) on 2 other profiles, but once I refresh & then it works.

I’m not sure what you are talking about. You mean the avatar beside the settings icon? A similar avatar, not that one specifically.

I have around 6 Braves & 2 Chromes open. I have 1 or 2 other Braves that aren’t open all the time.

Ahh, I didn’t know it was there. I was looking someplace else.

Well rather than have to redo a whole new profile, I’d rather you guys just fix it if you can.


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