Youtube Videos Constantly Freeze


For the past few months there have been some major issues when watching youtube videos. Every few minutes the freeze and get stuck in a buffering state, so I need to reload the video to get it to work again. It seems to happen more frequently when I alt-tab away from brave and then back, or if I leave the youtube tab and then return to it. This is a very, very annoying issue which the updater IIRC said was fixed a while ago; it was not. At least they don’t randomly turn green for a few seconds anymore haha.

Additionally, the google docs/drive homepages do not load, I don’t know whether this is caused by some privacy settings I can change or if its a deeper problem with the browser. ACTUALLY I JUST NEEDED TO ALLOW ALL COOKIES, DISREGARD THIS SECTION, I STILL DON’T KNOW ABOUT THE YOUTUBE VIDEOS Thank you.