Youtube videos constantly buffer/freeze/fail


I’ve posted about this issue before and have never recieved any response about it or any confirmation it is actually a problem, however for me it is the single biggest issue with this browser and I am close to switching to another, despite how much I love brave, because of how frustrating this is.
Virtually every youtube video i watch in brave either goes into an infinite buffering loop, freezes indefinitely or fails in some other way every 2-3 minutes. Alt tabbing seems to make this worse, but it might just be my imagination. It is incredibly annoying having to refresh a youtube video every few minutes, only for it to often freeze again after 15 seconds. I’ve tried turning ads on and off, third party cookies on and off and nothing seems to make any difference. Please if anyone has a solution to this I’m dying to know, and if there isn’t a solution and this is a widespread problem then the people at Brave need to sort this out.


Yes - I too have been having the same problem. Doesn’t matter if it’s prerecorded YouTube videos or Live streams - This occurs across 3 different manufactures laptops all running Windows 7 x64. Doesn’t matter if I have 2 tabs or 60 tabs open, the effect is the same. Unable to switch between tabs, load pages, click Brave browser menus, etc. without background YouTube stream constantly buffering.

And it’s not just YouTube, it’s any playing media in the background. Unless it’s the foreground tab, it buffers between user actions including scrolling on pages loading xml content in the background after the page finishes loading.

This issue did not occur with the version of the browser 4-6 months ago, this is only a recent phenomena with the latest revisions.