YouTube videos all playing at once


I don’t know how, what, where, why, but for some reason whenever I minimize my Brave browser and open it back up again, all my YouTube tabs start playing. Usually I’ll go on YouTube and open a bunch of videos in the next tabs that I wanna watch. Of course, I close a tab once I’m done watching the video. However, I didn’t click on a single tab- besides one, which I actually paused before minimizing the Brave browser, and then it started playing. All at once. I don’t think I’m doing anything strange at all. I just click boop on the Brave icon on my Windows toolbar, which minimizes it. I then go and click on my paint program, Kritas by the way, then reopen Brave, then FLDJFAOSEIJFWEONFERNLKNDKFADF. Anyways, I would like to know if this is just a regular problem? What can I do personally to avoid this problem? I did check a tiny bit to see if this was already mentioned, but I didn’t see another thread about this topic- unless I’m just blind. I guess that’s why I’m taking American Sign Language.
Thank you for reading.


This is a known issue of tabs reloading when browser is maximized. We have an issue logged for this and can be tracked here

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