Youtube Video Downloader and Quality adjuster


need youtube / any video downloader. need youtube quality adjuster.

Requesting Video Downloadhelper

Hi @pratjyaI I think you should include ‘an all round downloader for for Braver’ in the title so as to generate a better dialogue.

For those of you who don’t know, it’s said that 'In enabling a particular extension, there is some checking to make sure it doesn’t compromise user security or privacy.'
Taking this into account, I figured wouldn’t it be brilliant if we could alleviate this stress for some members of the team later on, or relatively soon considering they’re working incredibly fast towards v1.0.0 as seen over here - - It’s really quite amazing seeing far they’ve come.

The brilliant thing about Brave many users of other Browsers particularly Chrome will soon come to realize is that considering the ban downloading videos from such sites by using applications/extensions from the Chrome webs store, all of those types of extensions should begin to work almost immediately if forked for Brave if I’m not mistaken and thus migrate many users from Chrome as it slowly becomes to become as optimal as Chrome.

That being said I think we should use this topic to request, list and scrutinize which ones are best in terms of security and privacy - security in the sense of the developers of the extensions continuing to maintain its efficiency as there are number of which many people just settle for without knowing the consequences of some of them and the other being whether any kind of SSL/TLS is included in the downloading process. In regards to privacy, to simply put it are any kind of logs saved.

There are several good video downloaders and over recent years they’re sort of been not used as often as they have been due to Google banning them but given that both browsers are practically based off of the same source, Chromium of course, they should begin to work in Brave without much constraints.

The team have mentioned previously that they’ll consider developing features of their own if they consider it best to do so and honestly I don’t think this is something they’re likely to develop a built-in version of so perhaps we could begin discussing which ones there are, which ones are continuously optimized and figuring out which ones don’t log data, user identifiable information, other analytics and maybe anything members and contributors can add to the list to can be regarding as a possible issue for users and of course the Brave team.

I think we should also briefly discuss how downloads from such extension would function and download to ones PC, such as are they directly downloaded or do they pass through servers of the extension providers like ant downloader in Firefox.

One thing I did notice about many of the downloaders is that non of them brag about security in any aspect, so it would be brilliant if there is one so that many others can be disregarded.


This seems like a good downloader but in the description it shows that it was last updated in 2015 but in its website bug tracker it indicates issues are being resolved in 2017.

Her’s another request which is quite popular over here - Requesting Video Downloadhelper

Here’s another one which is also very popular which has been updated more recently than several others but not very much information of how it works.

Video Downloader GetThemAll

Here is an open source video downloader. It is friendly and very simple.


Where does it work Yes (including embedded players) Websie only (not embedded players) Yes (including embedded players) Yes (including embedded players)


Thanks for the share @Geoplace pity it hasn’t been maintained since mid 2015 but perhaps it’s functioning brilliantly for it’s current users.

Does anybody still use this?

@suguru this sounds like a brilliant option for the Brave team to actually contemplate taking over rather just a standard fork.

Considering it hasn’t been maintained in a while but has great reviews and isn’t as popular as many others as well as the fact it’s open source, don’t you think It would work better as a proprietary feature feature of Brave alongside your torrent client also perhaps the person that maintains that browser feature could apprehend this as well?

Where is he by the way, he doesn’t seem to respond anywhere? There should have been dozens of back end and front end work already implemented by now from users request from the beginning of this year.

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