YouTube UI Format Changed After Samsung Android Update

For several years I have used Brave to open and play YouTube ad-free. I loved the single column, easy to read, UI list of videos. I think a recent Samsung update (perhaps Brave update?) has replaced the single column with two columns with smaller type that is hard to read and UI scrolling is needed to read content.

Question: Is it possible and if so how can I revert back the the single column format? Thanks in advance.

Thank you for reaching out.
This is highly likely a change that was made by Youtube rather than Samsung (as it was definitely not Brave). Out of curiosity, can you share a screenshot of the way it appears on your end now? Additionally, can you tell me the device model you’re seeing this on?

Hi Matches,

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S22+.

I have attached two images showing the issue.

The first shows the two-column UI. The UI used to be single-column, easy to read.

The second shows a selected video. I have to enlarge the display in order to read the text. The text doesn’t wrap.

Thank you.

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This actually looks like the site is running in desktop view. What you’re showing in your screenshot is what I see when I view YT in desktop view (also using Samsung Galaxy S22+). Can you visit Youtube, open the main menu then ensure the Desktop view check box is not checked?

I’m sure you’re right about the Desktop View setting.

I was able to correct that setting on Chrome and Edge. I clicked on 3 vertical dots, top or bottom right.

I am trying to do the same fix for Brave. I located 3 vertical dots at page bottom. I navigate to the Desktop site setting and see that it is off. What am I missing?

Thank you.

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I can effectively adjust the Desktop site setting for YouTube on Chrome and Edge. YouTube UI displays a single, readable column of videos.

On Brave, I also have the Desktop site setting Off, however, YouTube UI displays two, barely readable columns of videos.

Is Brave now unable to work with the YouTube UI?

Thank you.

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If you toggle the option on then off again does it change anything?

i’m an iphone user but i have same issue.
i guess its youtube matter…

i got the single column ui when access