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Hey, I’ve tested this many times, while everything works fine in Chrome, it’s stuttering once every minute on average when watching twitch of youtube videos, isn’t html5 video player the same as in chrome? It’s not a fixed timed stutter, it varies anywhere from 30sec up to 3-4minute but it’s there, it’s like a freeze for a second or two. While this is happening I’m not touch the mouse, so there is no cpu load beside the video itself. Also sometimes I feel like there’s a small freeze while typing but it’s rarer. What could cause this ?
Win7 x64 i5 2500k OCed, 16GB ram, SSD 500gb


This keeps happening and I don’t know why or how to forward this development. The more the browser is open the worse the stutter, mini freeze (freeze for 1-2 second while watching twitch, youtube, curiositystream and also 1sec freeze while typing this message). Tested the same thing with hardware acceleration on and off, doesn’t change anything. On chrome it’s turned off and works fine without problems. This happens while about 10/18 GB of ram is being used and have pagefile on SSD. How can I verify the cause of this ? Are these some options I can turn off to make the browser perform faster ? The stuttering/mini freeze that is happening in twitch/youtube/curiositystream, I’m only watching the video itself. (I have many tabs open (inactive), torrent, and a few others that use around 3-4GB ram and max 20% cpu).

The CPU is not going above 65C at any point, I thought it’s because I have no GPU (Intel HD3000 from the cpu) but there’s nothing wrong in chrome. Can someone help me find out the reason for this?


Hi @OZSA. Could you confirm if you have huge amount of bookmarks imported or created? Also do you have any pinned tabs on the browser? Does this happen with a large amount of tabs running ?


I have about 10 folders of bookmarks in total I’d say there are at least 4-500 pages bookmarked. I have no pinned tabs. I’m running usually 25-30 tabs at least, heavy sites, 1/3 exchanges, 1/3 forums, 1/3 youtube/twitch/video sites. The CPU is not overheating and is not spiking to 100% when these stutters happen, it is generally between 20-30% load when watching a video but since I couldn’t fix this I moved back to chrome and everything is fine there. I would like to stay on brave but it’s impossible with the stutter, after a few hours even typing stutters and page scrolling, it’s like all actions are made in blocks and there’s a delay between the next block. What tests or diagnostics should I run ?


Could you confirm which version of Brave you are running?


(win 7 x64)

Name Version
Brave 0.15.2
rev af7ef42
Muon 2.58.9
libchromiumcontent 58.0.3029.96
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel dev
os.platform win32
os.release 6.1.7601
os.arch x64

Videos not playing properly on other platforms

Thanks for the details. I have logged an issue for this and it can be tracked here

Any update you can make it on the issue itself on GitHub or feel free to open a new thread and reference this. Will be closing this thread for now. Thanks for reporting the issue.

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