YouTube Thumbnail Glitch and Brave Rewards Glitch Appeared Simultaneously

(I put this in uncategorized, because no category perfectly fits, and I felt like it was better to put them in one post, since all incidents happened at the same time. Post as far as I know is correctly formatted.)

Hello, I’m currently dealing with multiple glitches that appeared after my laptop repeatedly shut down multiple times due to battery issues.

  1. Brave browser is acting like I just got started using it as “Trackers and Ads Blocked”, “Bandwidth Saved”, and “Time Saved” were reduced to nothing. (This also effected Brave Wallet, but I recovered it.)

  2. Brave Rewards said my thing was unverified (I fixed that) and the amount of BAT I’m getting is different on different ways to see the BAT. On the “New Tab” the BAT I’m earning is 0.730, on the “Brave Rewards” settings tab, the BAT I’m earning is 0.710, and clicking on the BAT icon, the BAT I’m earning is 0.

  1. YouTube thumbnails appear various shades of red whenever I load in a page, or when I zoom into a page. Not all the thumbnails are effected, but most of them are.

All of these glitches are still there, even after closing the browser and restarting the laptop. I have Windows 10 Home 21H2 19044.1766, Brave Version 1.40.107, Brave Rewards is verified through Uphold, and ads are set at 10 per hour, without auto-contribute.

Any idea what I can do to fix these issues? Thank you.

From, Chair-Stalker

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