YouTube skip ad button disappeared & Brave window overlaps other screen



Hey :slight_smile:

sry I had to upload the screenshots at some other location because as a new user I can only put one screenshot & two links in a post :frowning:


— YouTube skip ad button disappeared

I’m using the latest Windows 10

Brave: 0.14.1
rev: 3de60d52df3ef48d12d9696a076b72079beb9658
Muon: 2.57.8
libchromiumcontent: 57.0.2987.133
V8: 5.7.492.71
Node.js: 7.4.0
Update Channel: dev
os.platform: win32
os.release: 10.0.15063
os.arch: x64

Steps to reproduce:

  1. watch a youtube video with an ad
  2. skip ad button should be disappeared -> even if ad is a few minutes long & brave shields turned off

Result: link for screenshots above

Expected (picture taken in edge browser): link for screenshots above

PS: this youtube video is just a joke xD - you can’t quadruple wi-fi speed that way

— Brave window (when maximized) overlaps other screen if used in a multiscreen setup

Same windows & brave version

steps to reproduce:

  1. open brave & maximize brave window - only works when brave window is the active window
  2. you should see a little overlap

Result (brave as active window): link for screenshots above

Expected (other application as active window): link for screenshots above

Do you need more information?

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  • CruisePlayz

YouTube ads skip button

Hi @CruisePlayz,

Just to make sure I am following correctly:

-You have blocking disabled in Brave on
-Ads appear with blocking disabled
-The skip ads button does not show up.

Sound correct?

One thought is that Google is moving away from longer, skippable ads for 15sec non-skippable ads. They have a target of Jan, 2018 to be fully migrated from allowing longer skippable ads.

Can you confirm the skip button was missing on a 15 second ad, or a longer ad?

A 1:1 comparison may be intermittent in this case, given the policy shift from Google.

Are you disabling ad blocking on YT for a specific reason/compatibility issue?

I am more inclined for us to focus on why blocking needs to be disabled, and work on looking at resolving that, than focusing on the ad configuration, which can be changed without warning and is a little more dynamic.



Yes I have blocking disabled & skip button does not show up (ads appear)

Also I already know about that plan of Google, but EVERY ad (includes ads longer than 15 seconds) - has the skip button gone missing - Pretty weird xD

Actually I haven’t disabled ad-blocking on YT for a compatibility issue - my reason to disable it, is that, most YouTuber spend much time to make their videos and get nothing (except: money from ads) for their money & time expenses

Don’t get me wrong, I actually hate ads - but if they support a good reason, I’m okay with them

Thanks for your fast response & have a nice day

  • CruisePlayz


Thanks​ @CruisePlayz!

The info in your reply was really helpful.

The reasoning behind your approach to allow ads on YT makes sense too, I was just primarily checking to make sure there wasn’t a new compatibility issue going on that you may have been experiencing.

With YT in particular, Google has been ramping up anti-ad blocking, and that’s where our focus has been as there have been a couple of updates to their player since last year that have impacted blocking.

Appreciate the confirmation regarding ad duration. I can totally see how there is pain with not being able to skip, as YT still sends 3-5min ads in some cases with skipping​ enabled.

I will try and see if there’s a way that we can accommodate this.

One last question:

Can you let me know if you have flash installed and enabled, or if flash is disabled (default setting=disabled).

YouTube still has a flash player and handles Desktop differently than mobile (opts for flash for ads, but this is changing in June). Knowing if flash is installed and enabled on your browser will help with this.

Thanks again


sry - didn’t see your reply before

I enabled Flash some time ago, because some features of YT or other website still don’t work :frowning: without Flash.

So I disabled Flash and tried to view a video but the skip button is still missing (length of ad was 42 seconds)
I’ll keep Flash disabled now because I actually don’t need it at the moment

Hope this helps

  • CruisePlayz


hey :slight_smile:

So I wanted to thank you for your help and the whole Brave team for such a nice browser
I am using Brave for a while now on all my devices and at the beginning Brave crashed often - but now luckily most of all crashes are now fixed

a browser that protects us all from the bad sides of the internet - at the moment that’s more important than anytime before, because everyday more and more people use the internet (including scammers etc) and the web grows and more websites (good and bad ones) appear

Keep it up :smile:

  • CruisePlayz

PS: Just found an ad on YT that’s 3:14:19 (3 hours 14 minutes 19 seconds) long xD
PPS: I hope my English isn’t that bad - greetings from Austria (if you don’t know this country - look it up on wikipedia :slight_smile: )


Wow, that’s a long ad!

Your English is great. Thank you for the kind words regarding Brave, and for the additional info.

I have been looking into this, and am seeing reports of this same behavior taking place outside of Brave too.

I am also seeing an uptick in users that are outside of Brave experiencing blocking issues and reporting non-skippable, long ads. It appears that reports of this change in behavior began taking place ~12 days ago.

I am still looking into this one, but wanted to provide an update.


Thanks for your kind words :smile:

Maybe YouTube updated the player and now we have this bug - maybe I should report that to YT

So yesterday I installed the latest update and the brave window no longer overlaps other windows / other screens :slight_smile: - thx (UPDATE: brave still overlaps some fullscreen windows / games)

But I discovered another ‘design glitch’

– Brave window overlaps taskbar

win 10

Brave: 0.15.0
rev: 71fb73001617949528cc6473e288a49e76fcd4d5
Muon: 2.58.7
libchromiumcontent: 58.0.3029.81
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: dev
os.platform: win32
os.release: 10.0.15063
os.arch: x64

Steps to reproduce:
unclear - not sure, doesn’t work every time

  1. minimze brave window
  2. open it up again

all screenshots located at:

result: screenshot link above

expected: link above

– menu panel (that one with the three dots icon) disappears

not always -> but sometimes when I click on the icon - the panel appears and disappears again

win & brave version same as above

-> maybe it’s just me (or windows or my crappy mouse) but this didn’t happen before

steps to reproduce:

  1. open the panel

result & expected: If you want, I can make a video

  • but as said maybe it’s just windows or my crappy mouse

Have a nice day

  • CruisePlayz

PS: Is there a way to help with the translation of Brave? I just found a bad german translation in brave xD


Oh, I see.

OK, so I’m pretty confident that the YT issue is on the YT side at this point. It might be worth reaching out to them to confirm status on skippable ads. If you see an ad display with a countdown to skip in Chrome or Edge, and see that same ad not displaying with the countdown to skip in Brave, let me know. I don’t think we’ve seen that with this issue, but want to make sure.

I’ll look into the display issues, and will follow up with more info.

I’ll also look into the question re: Translations.

Thanks again for the detailed responses.

Multiscreen window fullscreen overlap


Re: Overlapping displays w/Brave maximized
I’ve added your report to the following issue in github for you to be able to track progress:

Re: Assisting w/the Brave translations
Our translations are done at Our project is listed there as: Brave Laptop

Re: YT and non-skippable ads
Going to consider this closed, unless you run into a situation where an ad is playing with the option to skip in a different browser, and the same ad in Brave does not include the skip timer. We’ve seen reports of long, unskippable ads in other locations, and suspect that it’s most likely an issue that’s happening on the YT side.

Re: Maximized Brave window overlapping the task bar
I’ve added your report to this github issue, which you can reference for tracking progress:

Given that we’ve covered off on the items, and either confirmed or routed to get resolved, I’m going to close this threat out. That said, if you run into anything related to these items that you’d like to report, feel free to follow up here or reference this thread in a new one.

Thanks again for all your assistance and help for improving Brave! :slight_smile:

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