Youtube signin not working as well as ads aren't received since 2 days

Hey there, I am unable to sign in to my youtube account, and also since yesterday I haven’t received any ads if anyone facing the same issue then please leave a comment and tag any of the brave officials about this bug

Thank You…

I usually get about 18 ads average daily. For the last couple weeks I’ve been getting 1-3 at best. Not sure what’s up with the ads. Was surprised this morning I got 3 within a few mins upon logging in. They stopped though.
As for Youtube, did you try clearing your browser?
Are you able to login with through another browser?

Yes I am able to login in chrome

DId you try logging into your Gmail and logging back out? Delete cache, and then trying again? I has a similar issue once with this browser and I had to delete cookies, cache, history. Log into my gmail account. Log out, then it finally let me log into my youtube as normal.

Okay I will try thank you for your opinion
Did you get your June payout?

No I still haven’t received June’s payout, and the numbers from last month still in this month, making it impossible to keep track.