YouTube Sign in

Brave was working fine and possibly after an update I clicked on the YouTube tab, and it was showing signed out. Now, when I click Sign in, it redirects me to my school sign in page. Then I clicked on the google maps tab and it redirected me to my school sign in page. I cleared the history, cookies and cache and it still does it. None of my other browsers do this. Even if I manually type it in the search bar and click the search result, it brings me to the school sign in page. This is probably something simple to most, but I am not very tech savvy.


Try clearing data, and resetting permissions, also clearing the settings may also help here.

Tried both recommendations:
Cleared data and reset all permissions for
Still being redirected to school sign in page. Anything related to google seems to redirect–gmail, docs, etc.
Tried disabling shields and also tried Express VPN connected and disconnected. Result is still the same. :confused:

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