Youtube sidebar isn't showing and webpage is Infinite loading when trying to get into my gmail.

When updating my Browser I think one or couple of cookies got messed up.
Since everything is fine when running on Google Chrome Browser and in Brave Private window.
What I’ve tried so far:
* Uninstall/Reinstall
* Browser History, Cookies, Image/files Cache cleaning
But when doing so I noticed it would say “Calculating” Indefinitely for Cookies.
* Brave Browser Settings Reset
When doing the browser settings reset though it never restarted the browser so I had to close it and restart the browser manually.
OS: Windows 10 Home
Version: 1709
OS build: 16299.1087
Brave Version:

Youtube Problem:

Is like this even when shields are disabled. But when I’m running it in a Tor/Private Window its perfectly fine.
Also when I leave the shields on but set it to “Block ALL Cookies” the sidebar shows but I’m not able to log in an I get a Youtube “OOPS” Popup


How it looks when its running in Brave Private Window:

GMail Problem:
When I click on “GMail” in the top right it just infinitely loads

An same as ths Youtube Problem if I you try to do so in a Brave Private Window or Google Chrome Browser I’m able to get into my GMail.

Yes I have the same issue. Any luck on resolution? Maybe I’ll abandon Brave for Firefox as I should have done years ago.

I don’t know what happened but mine just fixed itself I literally did nothing since posting my problem and now it’s working.

Thank you for reaching out and for the detailed report. We have seen several issues like this recently and are looking into the underlying cause. To be clear, for you all the above issues are resolved? Further, while on Youtube, do you still have Block all cookies set in your Shields settings?

Mine is resolved at the moment. But referring to the “Block All Cookies” thing, that is a no and it’s set to “cross-site”. The reason for posting that is when setting it to “block all cookies” it fixed the sidebar issue. But made it so you can’t log in to Youtube which is understandable since it’s blocking the cookies to log in since YT and Google are connected.

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Got it — thank you for the update. We will continue monitoring this issue.

Not sure whether to start a new topic or not but it seems a new bug has occurred relating to Youtube. Is that, when I try to open the site at all on Brave it pretty much forces me to restart my computer through the power button because it’s either hogging up CPU/ram resources or something else. But Youtube works perfectly fine in a “Private Window” and is working fine on Google Chrome. But another weird thing is while in the standard Brave Browser if there’s a website that has an embedded YT vid that also works perfectly fine.

The issue seems to have fixed itself overnight.

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