YouTube Settings Not saving


I use the YouTube dark setting, I have Autoplay (next video) turned off and Annotations off.

If I close and go back top YouTube ‘sometimes’ the settings are saved. More often than not they have reset and I have to change them back.
I have ‘allow all cookies’ for YouTube set and I’m not deleting cookies on close.

Suggestions please?


I put in a request for something similar, well actually something quite opposite but similar in the sense that there should be an automated option for this somewhere in preference.

I pasted a copy hoping it’s implemented within the cookie management feature but I’ll update if they consider this to a be a separate request.


Pasted from my comment in that github Issue thread:

Some findings, if at all relevant. I was experiencing this issue for ages until I tried this…

Case: Some sites were not saving settings, such as YouTube (sign-in, darkmode).
Spec: Problem with cookies file or config.

Try #1 - FAIL: Delete cookie & cookie journal file, restart.
Try #2 - SUCCESS: View website; Open Shields panel; Change Block 3rd Party to Allow All

OPTIONAL (not recommended): Change Brave Shields default cookies setting from Block 3rd Party to Allow All.

Theory: Since the the YT authentication is via Google and not YouTube, the cookie could well likely be a 3rd Party one.