Youtube Region Not saving

Im having issues with Brave not being able to save the region I set on Youtube via the right side dropdown (when you click your user profile)

It automatically defaults to my Real Region whenever I play a video or return to the Youtube Main Page

Ive deleted all cookies and site data related to Youtube and I was able to repro the issue again, this issue is NOT reproducible on Chrome or Mozilla

Repro steps:

  1. Login to
  2. Set the region to something different than your real region (in my case I set it to US)
  3. Click on a video to play
  4. The region is switched to your default (real region)

What is your cookies setting for Youtube? Check from Shields icon at URL bar.

That setting is saved on cookies CMIIW. So if you block 1st party cookies, Youtube will not remember your setting.

I have occasional issues when switching overseas vpn locations, where youtube still thinks Iā€™m in a different location.

Clearing the youtube cookies, and then re-login should fix this.

Cookie Blocking is set to Cross Site, is this the correct setting ?

Ive never been using VPN, and ive already cleared the cookies, problem seems to be related to actually saving

so I checked my cookies and i still didnt fix the issue, anyone has any idea please ?

I just test this, in a clean Brave profile. I would re-test in a new profile. (tested while logged in also)

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Cheers, thanks to your gif i figured what the problem was, set my Cookies to : Allow all cookies, problem fixed, cheers!!

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