YOUTUBE “Publisher is not yet added to the ledger, because it doesn’t meet criteria yet”

Greetings I get that message in my brave web browser when visiting my youtube channel “Publisher is not yet added to the ledger, because it doesn’t meet criteria yet” the yellow icon is turned gray with that message in my URL bar in the brave browser, the weird thing is that in the past I have some minutes already in that site as you can see in the screnshot below

this is the screenshoot of my youtube channel in my payment brave tab.

As you can see I already have some time in my youtube channel, but now I visit again and the time still in 5 minutes, its like something is turned off, and my payment cannot be made because its less of 30 minutes of watching

Is there a way to know why my channel stoped being with criteria? I have already some time there, and also i got some BAT in the last month for my channel

thank you very much for support have a nice day!

I think you are encountering this issue:


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Hello dear LaurenWags!

I think is different case, because when i enter to publisher brave, the time runs and the yellow icon appears, but in my youtube chanel it doesnt this is screenshot:

can you check if my youtube channel is on ledge? or why maybe is not? please?

this is my youtube channel (exact link in my publisher dashboard)

thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

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