YouTube picture-in-picture closes when other apps are used

When viewing a YouTube video (live or recorded) in “picture in picture” mode while using other apps or another tab on the browser:
1–after several minutes (not consistent, but approximately 15 - 20 minutes) the picture-in-picture vanishes and
2–I have to go back to the YouTube tab and resume or refresh the video.
With a previously-recorded video, sometimes it will continue where it left off, other times it starts back at the beginning and I then must try and figure out where it was when it stopped.

This began in the last month and I never experienced it before that.
I have no other problems with any apps, I do keep the iPad up-to-date, frequently clear all data/cookies/cache/history. I’ve tried closing the app completely (in background, too), restarting the iPad, performing the “Reset Network Settings” under General/Reset settings, deleting the Brave app and reinstalling, and a sync/backup. None of these fix the problem.

Here’s the “About” info copied to clipboard from Brave on my iPad: Version 1.46.2 ( BraveCore 1.46.144 (108.0.5359.128) Device iPad7,5 (iPadOS 16.2)

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Hello there @Arcadia7, thanks for reporting this issue. Do you have any power save setting enabled on your device that may be interfering with the app’s performance?

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Hello, Kevin_cc, This occurs with or without the Battery “low power mode” enabled, so I was unable to see that it made a difference. (That’s the only power save option I’m aware of.) I really appreciate your interest! Many thanks. I’ll continue to try and see if I can find any sort of pattern to this and, if so, I’ll add information to this discussion. thanks, again!

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@Arcadia7 thanks for your reply, please do the following:

  1. Launch Brave, tap Menu --> Settings
  2. In the Features section, tap Brave Shields & Privacy
  3. Toggle the following feature off:
    a. Upgrade connection to HTTPS
    b. Block scripts
    c. Block fingerprinting

Let me know if that works.

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Will do! I’ll probably give it a couple of days, then add another update here. Love this browser, by the way! I’ve used it for a long time on my iPad and iPhone, and with this exception it’s a seamless and fabulous app! Thank you, again.

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@Arcadia7 sure no worries, if you experience it again please do let me know and thanks for your feedback and support! :lion:

Hi, again, Kevin_cc, Your recommended changes to settings seemed to fix the problem! If it happens again in the future, I’ll post an update… for now, everything looks great.
Thanks, again, for your help!

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@Arcadia7 glad to read that! If you encounter this same issue again or have other concerns, please let me know or create a new community post in order to further assist you.

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