Youtube pages freeze permanently after playing video for just seconds

Description of the issue:
Any youtube video page freezes after mere seconds of playing the video and I get the “Page Unresponsive” pop-up. This happened back in April when Brave first updated itself to version 1.23.something on both my laptop and desktop. I did disable hardware acceleration and a bunch of other stuff I don’t recall to no avail. I resorted to uninstall Brave, install standalone version 1.22.72 and forcefully screw up Brave’s ability to auto-update (using the “hosts” file and file/folder renaming) and it’s been working with 1.22.72 ever since.

Lately, I decided to give it another shot with version 1.26.67 and fortunately it works on my desktop but still not on my laptop, I tried clearing cache, disabling hardware acceleration and some other stuff suggested online to “solve” Youtube pages freezing to no avail. I have no idea what the heck is going on.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Nothing special, no matter how the “” web page is accessed whether it’s by opening brave itself that reopens the pages it had when it was last closed or not. Nothing seems to make a difference. (this does not apply to the main page btw, only video playing pages)

Expected result:
Obvious, video should be playing and the WHOLE page shouldn’t freeze

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Any version that starts with 1.23 or above (so far up to 1.26.74 today)

Additional Information:

This is on an old ass M17xR3 laptop running windows 7, the more recent desktop also runs on windows 7 btw (AMD FX-6300, Radeon R9 200, old hard disk drive… nothing really special)


P.S. I just noticed also, once the whole freezing happens on one page, if try to open an unrelated tab that requires “online” loading (for example, new tab page doesn’t count) it stays stuck on loading…

P.S.2 Another symptom is that there’s one UNKILLABLE brave.exe process and one killable that keeps running after brave is shut down. The computer has to be restarted.

Thank you for reaching out to us, and for your detailed report. Hardware Acceleration would definitely be my first guess but if you’ve already tested it then I’m not sure. I’m wondering if you get the same behavior when watching YT in a private window? What about in a new profile?

Sorry, I already uninstalled the newer version and reinstalled the older that works… is it possible to have two versions installed and not have one… contaminate the other ?

And also, wow, I didn’t think I would get a reply that fast, thanks.

Not of the same build – I would also highly recommend updating as each update contains important security and bug fixes.

You can however download and install our Beta browser and install/run it as a separate browser, which would also be a good way to test the behavior.

So I just installed the beta version you linked me, I went to the exact same video page through google search, did not log in to my YT account, I just let it play and the same thing happens… it froze about 10+ seconds in.
Same exact symptoms, including the unkillable process. I’m restarting and will be trying a private/tor window in a moment.

Maaaaan, I though it was gonna work this time. It froze at the 33rd second in using a private window. Using private window+tor didn’t help because the video wouldn’t even load so I can’t test to see if the page would freeze if the video did start playing.

Edit: For posterity, this is using the beta version 1.27.87.

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If you disable hardware acceleration via brave://settings/system does that help?

More info, my install of brave somehow still updated itself to a shitty version (1.26.74) and I discovered that the page can actually freeze without the video starting btw. I had an unexpected shutdown and recovering from it, I reloaded where I left off and it allowed me to load a youtube video page without starting automatically the video itself.
I left it for a while on this page without it crashing (and without playing the video). I switched tabs to check in the settings that it was indeed the undesirable version… still wondering how it happened… and after switching back to the initial YT video page again without playing the video at all the page became unresponsive on its own after seconds (I didn’t check how many).

In the meanwhile, I would really need to know how to really prevent this web browser from updating itself or I’ll have to shop elsewhere !

I understand that you’re upset that the browser updated itself, but to resolve the issue, we need the browser updated so please, in the latest stable build – v1.26.74 at the time of writing this – please go to brave://settings/system and disable Hardware Acceleration and see if this helps.

If it does not, then please try

  • If you have any extensions installed, please disable them and see if the issue persists. You might also want to try with a new browser profile and see if this makes any difference in behavior.
  • Can you try testing this behavior in Chrome and/or another Chromium based browser and see if you get the same results?

I. ALREADY. DID. THAT. …AGES AGO. That’s the very first thing I did.
And not only did I mentioned it. You acknowledged it in your first reply !

Last time, I refrained from calling @fanboynz a waste of oxygen for saying the exact same thing… but this level of ““assistance”” is grinding my gears.

No need for aggression – we’re trying to help.
I look at hundreds of threads each day, thousands per week, so please forgive me for mistakes like that.

The issue you’re encountering is specific to you – or at least as far as I can tell. I’m unable to reproduce it, nor can anyone on the team I’ve asked. Given that the issue occurs with the freshly installed Beta build as well leads me to believe that there is something specific happening on your end that we’re not seeing.

That said, I’m not sure what else to suggest. I will ask again; can you try testing this behavior in Chrome and or IE or any Chromium browser and see if you get the same results? Additionally, does the page freeze if you turn Shields down for the page (lion icon in the address bar)?

Alright, sorry for my rudeness.
And no, I can’t test that anytime soon but I will. I have so much work overflow right now, it’ll have to wait. I can’t just tell my boss I’ve been trying to fix my web browser for more than one cumulative work day or two and I’m already stretching it.

Let me know what you find out.

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