YouTube not working on iOS app

When I open YouTube in Brave’s iOS app, the video box says “Content Not Available,” and no video or audio plays (though the progress bar still moves). I don’t have this problem on desktop.

I am running the most recent version of Brave available on the iOS App Store, Version 1.61.1.

I’ve signed out and back in in YouTube and cleared my history (is this the same as clearing cache? I’m not sure exactly how to clear my cache on mobile).

Does it occur on every video or certain videos?

Every video I’ve tried has been the same.

Testing here.

  1. Worked okay on ios. First step test with and without a VPN.
  2. Would also try clearing cookie and cache (and re-login), then force close Brave and re-open.

My VPN was turned off, turned it back on and the problem is fixed. Thank you.

Possibly some certain youtube videos geo locked.

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