YouTube Mobile version

Description of the issue:

Hello, I use breave from My cellphone.

Recently when I enter to YouTube instead of opening the Mobile version, it opens the desktop version.

Could You help me solve this? I have already tried to change the url adding app=Mobile. Hasn’t worked.

Thanks in advance!

How can this issue be reproduced?

I have a Motorola with Android. I have no idea how to reproduce the issue.

Expected result:

Being able to Enter the Mobile version of the app.

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Go to settings, site settings, and you will find in the list Desktop Site, Youtube should appear there, so just remove it and done.
Also in the Brave’s menu , there is the Desktop Site ☑️ on it, so just click on it and it will remove pages from displaying the Desktop Site as well.


Thanks man! It worked! :grin:

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