Youtube makes Brave crash

So far, so good! Now, I recommend opening a Github report over here: providing the ID’s of the crashes and all other details regarding your issue so far. Crash reports have a high priority for Brave developers, shouldn’t take long until someone responds to your report.

I’m currently looking at this Github report: Over there one of the developers claims the enable-experimental-web-platform-feature flag might be the cause of random Brave crashes. I believe it won’t hurt if you try disabling the flag at brave://flags. If you see nothing changes after disabling the flag, restore its value back to what it was, and open a Github report instead. Developers will know the best how to assist you!


i think it could be it, considering i turned it on to use the PIP feature, will give it a go

Please, disable the flag and let me know if your issue is resolved. If the flag was the cause of those crashes, I’ll gladly post on your behalf in the Github report so developers are aware it’s somewhat a problematic flag!

at a quick glance it seems it was that flag that caused crashes, i tried reloading a bunch of the youtube tabs i had opened and no crash so far.
thank you very much, i’ll update this thread if i get any more crashes

All right, glad the issue is gone for the moment! I’ll wait a little until I comment in the Github report, please let me know if the crashes appear again :wink:



After over an hour without reported crashes, I commented in the Github report.