Youtube live chat 30 sec delay

I tagged Fanboynz and SaltyBanana because both had been active today. Otherwise usually would just tag @Mattches in and wait. Main thing is I know they’ve all been very busy this week behind the scenes trying to handle some issues. We tagged and put what info we did, now it’s just waiting for them to respond when they can.

Might be lucky to see answer quick but have it in your mind might not be able to do much until next week or so, as they go to catch up on whatever they’ve missed.

Not using Malware bytes?

Nope. Haven’t had Malwarebytes in a long time. It’s interesting to see that article though.

They pushed out updates this morning to fix the issue. I disabled MBAM and it made no difference on the chat load on the test profile.

Disable the malwarebytes extension, if installed anyways. I haven’t gone through the entire thread, I would try clearing the cookies/cache

Tried MBAM disabling and deleting Google cookies no difference along with clearing cache.Still seeing close to 20-30 second delay on live stream chat populating. Even a recorded live stream with live chat has the same issue. I already had Fanzboy rules enabled in UBlock Origin but it is happening in new profiles that have no extensions loaded.

I just loaded Linus Tech Tip WAN show when it was live and I had no issues with the Live Chat loading quickly and this is in my normal profile which is having issues with a whole host of other streams. Is it YouTube ads causing issues with the live chat populating promptly?

I followed the instructions under " Comments not loading / Blank page" including deleting ALL my cookies .

That allowed the live stream I was watching so that its live chat populated but as soon as I logged into my YouTube account it forced the page with the live stream to reload and the live chat took 20 secs to populate!