Youtube is showing me publicity at the beginning of the videos with Brave

From a few days ago the beginning of YouTube videos shows advertising videos. I do not know if the problem has already been reported but I leave it here in case it has not been so for you to keep in mind.

Thank you.

Can you share a screenshot your shields settings for YT (Brave icon at URL bar), and your Brave version and OS?


Problem solved for now.

I’ve noticed that when I skip YouTube ads, shields by magic automatically turn off. If you activate the shields again during the ad playback, they stop appearing. I don’t know if they will jump again after doing that. It’s very weird. If you give me this problem again I will catch you.

Of course, I take this post to tell you another problem that some Android and IOS users are experiencing with the web

Many times users complain that advertising banners appear on the forum and only this problem is solved by restarting the smartphone. I don’t know if you could take a look at the web because there are quite a few users who use Brave in this forum, which is the most important Spanish-speaking world. Thank you.

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