YouTube History Not Working With Shield On

Watching videos on YouTube aren’t being added to YouTube history, but watching previously watched videos re-adds them back to the history list but can’t add new videos.

To reproduce it I just have to try to watch a video and it won’t get added to my history.

I’ve tried clearing cache and history to maybe fit it, but turning the shield of and then watch a video will then add it to the history list.

This has been happening for the past 2 days.

Windows 10, Version 1.28.105 Chromium: 92.0.4515.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Thank you for reaching out to us.
Do you have your Ads/Trackers Shields setting set to Standard or Aggressive?


It was standard, but I found a fix. My account was a “Brand Account” so I changed from that and now it works somehow.

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I am having the same history not showing issue with the same Standard Ads/Trackers. Where do you check this “Brand Account”?

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Can confirm. Standard trackers blocked and history is not being recorded. This has only been happening since about yesterday afternoon.

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Found it. “Brand Account” is a youtube feature. I never changed anything there. The Edge browser works fine. Only Brave is not working.

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Can someone show me (screenshots?) how this brand account works? I’d like to see if this is fixable. It was also reported in uBO


Not sure it’s brand account related. I don’t have brand account. Here’s more info about it.

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Never mind some how after midnight it stopped working again, which is odd.

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On my setup test, I found that YouTube updates all my watch history after changing the setting “Allow all trackers and ads” for all my watched-list (probably update by session).

Temporary solution, watch your vids all by one same queue session (the 3 bar with a play icon at about top right of all shown video thumbnails) and change the brave settings to “Allow all trackers and ads” after finish watching. Should update your watch history after changing it.

You can change it back after YouTube updates the history. Pretty troublesome, but at least it works for now?

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Just wanted to share that I noticed that if I keep my shields at standard and disabled uBlock Origin for the YouTube domain, my history worked fine. So it doesn’t appear to be Brave related but uBlock Origin related.

Unsure if anyone else on this thread sees the same thing.

I think the only way to fix this is by allowing ads/trackers on YouTube.

This led me to my fix. I updated the EasyPrivacy list in uBlock Origin and it’s working again with the standard shields.

This is happening to me and my husband as well. We have this issue on the mobile version of Brave (updated) and it seems Brave is blocking something that doesn’t allow YouTube to mark these videos as watched. There is no uBlock to blame in our case :frowning: any help is appreciated.

I wasn’t able to reproduce, But rolled out a possible fix, lets retest in 24hrs

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