Youtube full buffer feature

Hi. ı am new to brave. I was using a chrome before and ı know (at least that’s what ı thought) brave support chrome extensions. I am having some big problems with my internet provider and ı have bad internet. so i decided to use full buffer extension (smartvideo for youtube) but ı couldn’t use it. Then ı downloaded chrome and ıt was working fine. and at the first place ı don’t wanna bother with some complex/hard to use extensions. So if you can add full buffer feature for youtube (life firefox) on right click menu it will make everything much easier for everyone cuz ı know there is lots of people having same problem in my country and we don’t want to change browser for this little things. We need buffer cuz even we have relatively good download speed (35/mbps) our internet is gone for 5 to 60 minutes every half an hour so if we can download these videos it will make our life much more easier and (ı don’t know if these possible because of the numbers of different video format) if you can adapt this feature to most of the sites (like Udemy, skillshare etc.) it will be a lifesaver.