YouTube Freezes - Some more details


Sorry, I don’t know which Brave versions they were, but…

Three Brave versions ago the video playback freezes would last for half a second to two seconds.
Two Braves ago the freezes were dramatically reduced. Very brief freezes.
The last Brave update and the current Brave version the freezes are back to half to two seconds.

I started timing the freezes on a few videos. All from the same uploader and same resolution: 720p/60fps.
Almost like clockwork (within a few seconds) it would freeze at 1:00, 6:00, 11:00. 16:00…
At one minute then every five minutes there after…

I also tried pausing the video at the start to let it load its initial buffer amount and see if that was where it was doing the 1min freeze, but it wasn’t consistent or close enough. The initial buffer was around the 1min mark where it froze, but not definitive. I wouldn’t relate the two.

But hey, you guys might be all over this anyway.


I reported the issue to the dev team. I also have experienced the issue.

Thanks for reporting :slightly_smiling_face:


Further experimenting.

Same YouTube uploader as before. Same resolution 720/60.

I opened five videos by clicking the links with the middle mouse button so they open in new tabs but dont start playing.

First video freezes at:
0:28, 5:25, 10:20, 15:15. Again, first freeze, then five minutes for each one after that.

The second video was interesting:
1:02, 5:57, 10:46… Then I got an email, so I paused the video, opened the email, clicked the link in the email which opened a new tab in brave and it caused all the other YouTube videos I had open to start playing.
I paused all the other videos and kept watching the one I was on.
… 13:50, 18:36, 23:29.

Again, initial freeze, then every five minutes after that. Except for when things screwed up in the middle and time was three minutes, but then it was still every five minutes from then on.


Thanks for digging in :smile:

I re-posted your information to



Many thanks to you!
Appreciate it.

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