YouTube first 10 seconds-skip plays the video from the beginning

After you play a video on YouTube, if you skip it forward or rewards (10 seconds) for the first time, it will play the video from start, but if you try the same a second and so on times, it won’t occur again, it will skip the video accordingly.

1.Open YouTube in the browser
2.Play a video
3.Try to skip it forward or rewards by 10 seconds (first time)
4.The video will play from the start
5.If you try to skip it again (forward/rewards) by 10 seconds, the video will resume where it should

The video should play accordingly when skipped forward or rewarded for the first time and not play the video from the start.

Version 1.61 (

iPhone XR, IOS version 16.2

Do you only see it in Brave or in other web browsers too?

I only see it happening in Brave.

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