YouTube Embedded player does not work


YouTube’s embedded player seems to be broken. For example on TechCrunch

I get the following error.

Same happens on all sites that use the embedded player.


It works for me while the shield is enabled. Will you please delete cache and see if it would solve the problem?


Seems the problem is actually the shield. I disabled it and everything worked. Are you sure the playback is working for you with the shield enabled?


I think this might be related.


I’ve noticed when I start to play an embedded You-Tube video, I get the progress “wheel” that will just spin forever and the video doesn’t play. however, if I move the play head on the video, it will actually play. I usually drag the play head slightly, then all the way back to the beginning to start it over. So it seems to play alright, but doesn’t start playing until you move the play head.


For what it’s worth, I’ve found YouTube progress “wheel” on most websites as well. One thing that seems to fix it is to Show Brave Ads. So far, I haven’t had any issues anymore. :+1:

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