YouTube content hangs post-99+ adblocks

I’m most likely a luddite but I’ve been on the web and predecessors for many decades since 1983 when I started on computers. I’ve maintained a basic knowledge and skillset which keeps this attitude. If a neophyte has problems, then the works stinks because that’s your audience. Likewise web pages and I don’t give a rat’s ass about any slicks telling me any different. If a newby can’t navigate or solve the problem, then it stinks, just so that everyone understands my position.
I’m using Win10, still serviceable and primarily use my old 230 Thinkpad with decent memory and sufficient SSD. Basic stuff and use because I’m not a slick. With this latest Brave iteration, I’ve noticed that after 99+ adblocks (as displayed over the BRAVE icon) YouTube seems to hang within the tab with no keyboard nor mouse click response apart from cursor movement until the top bar where I can close the tab. I’ll reload the site again from GMAIL as I usually keep that tab open for new messages.
I realize that this a bug or some sort which I have found my own workaround. This is just to let you know as I’m quite satisfied BRAVE though I use other browsers to see what they do for ad blocking. I also know that Google and YouTube are doing their best to constantly screw things up for users because of their obsessive greed.
I may get an answer but I’m patient but I’ve signed on just to inform you and let you know that I think your group and community are doing a great job. Thank you very much from an old timer (74 and counting till the end) Cheers.

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Just to add, typing gets slowed down. A reload clears the hesitation and resets the blockage number and start again at 1.

More odd occurances. Shorts LIKE/UNLIKE may or may not have a hand within the circle or even the circle without the hand may not go dark. With videos the hand may or may not display as well. Still with a reload results in no change. The left-side column of Home/shorts/subscription changes size. Sometimes the video selections size changes as well and a reload changes it back to its proper setting. Again I’m using Win10.

Just to be aware, the counter doesn’t have a limit after X, then it goes slow. I would test in a private window or a new profile.

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