Youtube comments are repeated?

Recently comments in all videos on Youtube are repeated, even the search video scroll is also repeated, only happens on Brave browser, completely normal in other browsers. Is there any way to fix it? use update 1.39.111 (64-bit).

Just a FYI, current version on Desktop versions is 1.40.109. You may want to update that, especially since they made some critical changes to the browser from where people were having difficulties. For example, Infinity load in random pages ( ⇦ Slow loading or No loading)

If you still have issues after updating, try the following:

  1. Clear Cookies, at least for YouTube. You may have something there intefering.

  2. If still not resolved, try New Private Window and see if there’s issues. If it resolves, try checking your Extensions as it’s likely one of them is interfering on normal browser.

  3. If neither of the above works, try to Create a new profile. Hopefully will have no issues there. If that’s the case, then back to being settings or cookies usually, but can check other things.

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