YouTube bad video quality

Anyone knows why is the video quality on YouTube so awful now? :confused:

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It’s youtube’s end, occasionally it’ll default to a lower resolution. Just switch resolution in the video. Also using wifi (rather than ethernet) and disabled HW acceleration may impact youtube performance.

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Did you put it at the best quality possible, also the creator of the video may uploaded in bad quality. For example if the creator used OBS to record and used a 1080p screen, OBS will only record in 720p, so, the creator may think it is in 1080p but it is in 720p.


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It’s on verified channels too

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What are those Icons at the bottom of the video? extension? Maybe disable YT extensions?


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Works fine now, guess it was a YouTube problem :confused:

I have this YouTube extension

I might suggest using a YouTube proxy alternative:

Still have YouTube image problems, and I also noticed that the AMD fullscreen popup is not showing in Brave now :confused:


Tbh, Enhancer for YouTube has actually been problematic in different ways, including triggering the YouTube adblock message. And let’s face it, when you’re using something that modified/impacts graphics settings and other things, it’s hard to ignore it as a possible culprit.

Big thing I’d like you to do is make sure you’re testing on private window and also that you create a second profile that you keep with default settings and no extensions. If you replicate issues on both, then can look at the idea of it being in Brave and go from there.

Also be advised you may need to modify graphics settings. Such as AMD has already been reported as performing differently for Chrome and Edge than other browsers. For example, earlier this year it was said if you rename to chrome.exe that performance increases. This has happened on Brave, Vivaldi, etc. When called out on it, AMD said they changed it, but I’m not sure if they really ever have.

I didn’t change anything only added the Improved YouTube extension and I guess that’s the problem, but I still don’t have the AMD popup in fullscreen video

Glad to know if that ends up resolving for you.

Guess let me ask, if you already have it open and go to full screen, you’re saying it goes away? Or you’re saying the keyboard shortcut doesn’t seem to be opening it when in full screen? Subtle difference between the two, but wanting to get clarity.

What I’m wondering is if the issue you’re speaking of might be related to discussions over the years about it not working well with full screen games. There were a variety of settings, either in OS or in AMD, that had to be made. I’ll share some of the links below just to give you an idea of what I’m speaking of.

Don’t understand the question :confused:

YouTube video quality is awful again after I deleted the extension :confused:

The AMD overlay won’t show

Can you confirm that the AMD overlay shows on YT in fullscreen when using other browsers?

As for the quality issue — I’m not clear whether or not the issue is fixed. In your last screenshot, you say that the quality is terrible, but in that screenshot it looks like he quality settings in the video itself is set to low (480p).

If I look at the same video, I’m seeing it in high quality when the video is set properly:

The one big question I asked is when are you opening the overlay? Before going full screen or after?

If you were trying to open only while on full screen, I was asking what happens if you open first and then go full screen?

I guess it is a YouTube bug, I checked and I don’t have the AMD overlay in other browsers too