Youtube background music play stopped working today


Hi all.

Has Youtube disabled brave’s ability to play youtube videos/music in the background?

It was working fine until today. I can’t play videos in the background now.


Which OS and Brave version? :slight_smile:



Using the Pixel 2


Hi @jojobeans

All videos or only certain ones?

Also, have you tried opening the tab in a desktop tab (tap on the 3 dots menu, select ‘Desktop Site’) and seeing if that works?



Yes I tried that Still no luck.

Does it work with you


I’m not able to reproduce it, so I wonder if it’s affecting certain videos. Could you share a video that is not working for you so I can try it?



Basically any YouTube Video will not play in the background even if I enable desktop mode. It’s not one specific video. I’ve tried random videos about animals to music to documentaries. The video/music stops immediately after going to my home screen or another window.

This literally started happening yesterday after working for 8 months straight. That’s why I assumed Youtube did something to stop Brave since they want to push their Youtube red service.

Can you play videos/music on your android phone +brave browser and go to the home screen?


That’s a possibility. I am not having the issue but I have logged an item so development can investigate. Also, you are not the only one running into this, we did get another report of this earlier today. Here is the issue so you can track the progress:

Thanks for reporting!


Thank you.

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