Youtube and other video content buffers endlessly

  • Brave v1.49.132
  • Win10 22H2 19045.2728
  • Nvidia 531.29
  • CPU, Memory, Disk, and GPU metrics look minimal
  • Disable Shields
  • Update add-ons
  • Disable add-ons
  • Clear all (not just recent) browsing data
  • Tried a guest window
  • Ran performance profile and found a massive quantity of dropped frames. (

As a workaround, brave://flags Hardware-accelerated video decode = disabled gets around the issue. I do not recommend this to others as a fix.

I have also observed this issue with embedded video content in Twitter, and I believe that this could be related to the ITvx thread (New version of Brave breaks ITVx streaming site - #8 by The_RiViT). There is some minimal support that this problem is wider spread here: (

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