YouTube ads skip button


Hey guys, love your browser. However, recently I’ve had some problems with YouTube ads.

I deactivated the adblocker on YouTube. But, when an ad plays the skip button doesn’t show up. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?


I found this thread YouTube skip ad button disappeared & Brave window overlaps other screen which seems to be about the same issue you had.

I also believe I reproduced the issue myself. Experiment from a few minutes ago: I turned off shields and faced at least a 15 second ad with no “Skip Ad” button as I’m accustomed to seeing when I browse YouTube on other browsers with no ad-blocker. The ad played with a yellow progress bar, but struck me as naked (e.g., missing a skip ad button and perhaps other info or annotations that are typically overlaid atop the video).

Cc’ing @luke.mulks and @LaurenWags to see if there is an issue filed for this and how investigations into this behavior on YouTube may have gone.


Thank you chriscat. I’ve also noticed that it sometimes “breaks” a website; it either doesn’t load or I can’t click on things.

For the moment I’m gonna deactivate the shield on all websites, but I’ll be looking forward to know if it’s an issue with the adblocker itself.


Thanks for the double check @chriscat - I can confirm that there is an issue logged for this. You can track the progress here:

I’ve added +1s to it for you both. Thanks for reporting @iTodd and reproducing @chriscat


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