Your wallet options dont work in kenya africa

I have been using BRAVE for almost a month now. But i order for you to secure your ADVERTS, you must be VERIFIED in 90 days. But the vERIFICATION process needs you to open a WALLET in the two third-party companies that they have offered. It is too bad that those third-party companies don’t apply in KENYA where I am in AFRICA. So will I lose all my BRT because of BRAVES error? Am I stuck, now?


Brave is availabe in 180 countries BUT, as regards BAT rewards less than 40 countries benefit from it (info from Uphold site)! It makes you think how many dreams have been broken. From users posts, one has to recognize that this is a complete fiasco!
However, as a browser, it is a very performant, very fast and have so little effect on the resources that the computer fan becomes literally idle. Finally, apart from slight hitches, I didn’t have any problem using it.

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I think brave should also consider finding a way of verifying account of users from countriesnot covered by Uphold and Gemini.

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