"Your wallet is not available" on Brave Browser (Linux and Android)

Dear Brave Browser Community,

I am using Brave 1.3.115 on Debian 10 and Brave 1.5.4 on Android 9 (MIUI 11.0.3) and I am having problems with Brave Rewards on both. I experimented some days ago that Brave Rewards are already available for Spanish users and the campaigns are working on both devices. However, on both I am having problems with the wallet.

In the case of Brave 1.3.115 on Debian I get the warn “Your wallet is not available” (check this screenshot). I done what the warning indicates, reconnect again the wallet (I imagine it refers to the Uphold account), but the warning persists. Any idea about it?

In the case of Brave 1.5.4 on Android 9 the problem with the wallet is a bit different. I see an information message that says “You won” with a “Exchange” button. I click on the button and it shows a progress/loading icon, but it never ends, just persists the animation (check this screenshot). Another relevant information is that I don’t see an option to configure my Uphold wallet on Brave for Android. Any idea bout it?

If you think this should be reported as a bug or something else in the GitHub repository of Brave, tell me and I will do it as soon as possible. It is my first time posting on this forum, so if you have any advice or I have to fix something of the post, just tell me!

Thanks in advance for your attention!

Note: I originally posted this message on the brave_browser subreddit.

Hi! Any member of the Brave’s Community knows something about it? Maybe @Asad?

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