Your Uphold account can't be connected to your Brave Creators profile at this time

Your Uphold account can’t be connected to your Brave Creators profile at this time. Your Uphold account is registered in a country that’s not currently supported for connecting to Brave Creators.

Are you from countries where Uphold has stopped their services ?

Hello @iamshahrozkhan, Apologies for the delay. Is this still an issue for you? What country are you in? Have you updated to the latest version?

Creo que ese problema lo tiene en su mayoría toda LATAM ¿No se si a la fecha se a mejorado la restricción?

Hi @Jarc-1107 , I’m from Pakistan & where are you from?
I’m still facing the same issue.

Pakistan is not a supported country for Brave rewards verification. Check for yourself at

You won’t be able to connect to Uphold / Gemini until unless Brave supports your region again. You can follow for more updates

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