Your transaction level is currently flagged by uphold


In my brave creator menu i have this message:

Your transaction level is currently flagged by uphold. Please contact Uphold for assistance.

my uphold account is having some documents reviewed, can I change the uphold account as in 2 days the payment will come, and i dont want to have some kind of delayed payment because my account being reviewed?

thanks in advance

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cc @asad for assistance here.

thank you, i just need to know if i can change my uphold account because in the time they are verifying my account, the brave payment will execute all pay orders and it might bound back if my uphold account is on verification progress

or maybe i will be able to receive the contribution BAT even if the uphold account is being in verificacion process

Hi there,

Seems like some unfortunate timing on this – but I recommend you do NOT change your Uphold verification etc. Not to mention, if you created a new account now, you’d have verified too late for this month’s payout anyway (if you verify after the 1st of any given month, your payout will be delayed til the following month). Have you contacted Uphold on this? You must fulfill all of their KYC requirements in order to be paid out.

@asad well, in the end I got the BATs in the flagged uphold account,

so even if uphold account is shown as flagged the system still send the contributions

I finished dealing with uphold and everything is fine again!

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