Your Brave Rewards profile cannot be verified

Error: Region not supported
Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards profile cannot be verified because the verification process does not support your region at this time.
I am from Argentina and I have trusted brave for more than 1 year and collected a reward, and now it turns out that the verification process is not available. Fix this and don’t underestimate me.


What can I do for that???

It has been working fine for over a year and now it is ironic that my gemini and uphold are not linked. What will happen when the payment time comes again, will I lose the BAT again? Am I giving away the fruit of my browsing data? well how brave it helps them that LATAM supports them but they don’t do anything…

Unmanaged regions, lies, but you do get paid by advertisers. If they are not going to be professionals and enable all payment channels, the correct thing to do would be to inform the community that they no longer have the capacity to manage this project. don’t keep people in the dark, it’s not professional

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